About me. 

Growing up in London, United Kingdom, Gautam found his artistic voice in creating films and photos evocative of the abstract expressionist era. Marrying common everyday objects and urban landscapes, his style has evolved to produce narratives that mostly go unnoticed by the layperson. His experience includes collaborating with clients such as TEDx, Leslieville BIA, CAMH, Procter & Gamble, Sportsnet, Terroir Symposium, Capital One and Sick Kids.

His still photography has been featured in the National Geographic, Canon EOS Magazine, Medium Magazine, JPG magazine and 30+ other magazines. He has also been showcased at the St. Peterburg Arts Centre (Florida, USA) and the Museum of Memoria Tolerancia (Mexico). 

Moving from still images to video was a natural progression and his work now includes documentary, PSA's and event videography.

His work is defined by authenticity and passion for storytelling, and he delights in experimenting with new mediums, technology and tools. 

Currently, he’s open for all types of creative video and editing assignments.If you’re interested in collaborating, feel free to contact anytime.

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